Bao Lin Chan Monastery

Bao Lin Chan Monastery is the first branch of Chung Tai Chan Monastery established in the southern hemisphere, located in the southeast of Melbourne, capital and largest city in Victoria state. The building was originally an old Christian church and it took three years of seeking the appropriate location, extensive planning and renovation to transforming the place into what it is today. It celebrated its opening on 1st November 2008. Located in a suburb close to the city, the monastery is also near to a campus of Monash University, two train stations and a major freeway, making it easily accessible. The monastery has a Zen Hall, Lecture Hall, children’s room and a library, letting those living nearby as well as those with a busy life find a place of peace and calmness while being filled with dharma joy.

In accordance with the great vows, compassion and wisdom of Grand Master Wei-Chueh, Bao Lin offers Chinese and English meditation classes, dharma services, half day and three day meditation retreats, as well as hotpot reunion events, youth and children’s camps to attract people of all walks of life to learn meditation and Buddhist teachings. At the same time, using the Grand Master’s Five Modern Approaches of Propagating Buddhism as a guide – Buddhism in Academic Research, Buddhism in Education, Buddhism in Culture and Arts, Buddhism in Science, and Buddhism in Daily Living, meditation classes for adults and children as well as other classes are conducted, allowing more people to come into contact with the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) and experience the profundity of Buddhism.

Venerable Master Jian Pi

Venerable Master Jian Pi, abbess of Bao Lin Chan Monastery, has received a doctorate degree in religious studies in Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a premier academic organization and comprehensive research center of China in the fields of philosophy and social sciences. She has been the abbess of many meditation centres in Taiwan, teaching according to the needs and ability of people with her wisdom and harmonious demeanor thereby benefitting many. She also actively integrates the Five Modern Approaches of propagating Buddhism, helping everyone to bring forth their innate Bodhi mind, and finding the meaning and source of existence, making life free and smooth no matter at work or at home.

Under the leadership of the abbess and the Zen centre’s monastics, Bao Lin vigorously uses different types of methods to propagate Zen Buddhism. As the years passed, Chung Tai’s mind dharma already has its roots deeply planted in Australia!