2016 Pilgrimage Reflection

Bee Lian / Fa Jing / Sutra Study B I heard about it, I watched it on video, I was encouraged to make the journey by the Shifus in Bao Lin Chan Monastery numerous times. At last, I am ready emotionally and spiritually to embark on the journey, to feel and experience it myself, Not […] continue reading

The Happy Mates- Building Good Relationships

There is a general perception amongst the modern youth that Buddhism is a religion for the elderly; believing the older population are the only ones who have time on their hands to do a few chores for the temple and the opportunity to mingle with others to pass time. continue reading

06.2015 Reflection on Baolin Chan Monastery Children’s Camp 2015 – Yennie / Beginner’s meditation class

At first, I was worried, concerned not knowing if I can cope with handling so many kids. continue reading

06.2015 Baolin Chan Monastery Children’s Weekend Camp 2015 Reflection – Angelina Chung

For the Children’s Camp, Bao Lin was transformed into a children’s Buddhist wonderland, bursting with colours, lovely posters, balloons and lively music. It showcased the weeks of planning and hard work by all the shifus and the huge input by the many dedicated dharma supporters to bring the camp to a successful fruition. Learning in […] continue reading

Three Days Retreat Reflection – English Intermediate Class / Christine Lui

My mind did not want to attend the meditation retreat scheduled for the Queens’ Birthday weekend.  In fact, in tried to get out of it. “But it’s the Long Weekend,” it lamented. “It’s the last public holiday for a while, are you seriously going to be anti-social and sit in retreat? Your friends probably think […] continue reading

Three Days Retreat Reflection – English Intermediate Class / Barry Newstead

The 3-day retreat was my first experience with a multi-day retreat. In fact, it was my first experience of meditation beyond a half-day. continue reading

Zen Seven Meditation Retreat at Chung Tai Chan Monastery by Faith Hawthorne (English Sutra Study Class student)

The Zen Seven Retreat is carefully crafted to include expedients used by the Buddha and past Zen patriarchs to help practitioners see their true nature. continue reading

2013 Pilgrimage Reflection – Joseph \ 傳登

When JC shifu asked me whether I wanted to go for the pilgrimage to Chung Tai Shan, I was elated and felt especially privileged that Abbess had allowed me go to with the youth group. continue reading

Three-day Meditation Retreat – A Reflection English Sutra Study class / Gino

What time is it? What time is it? It’s the question of the moment, the ever present, always continuing moment. It’s always now. The time is now and it’s always the same time. It’s just that we don’t realise it, or that we forget … we forget that it’s now. We aren’t paying attention that […] continue reading

2013 Baolin Youth Camp Experience – Nicole

Joining this camp was an amazing experience for me. Few months ago when shifus were organizing this camp, I did not notice that there was an age limit and it would have stopped me from even signing up, but this was one of the best mistake I’ve made. This is because a few months ago, […] continue reading

Three-day Meditation Retreat – A Reflection
English Sutra Study class / Joseph Wong

A welcome reprieve from the demands of daily life, the Bao Lin three-day meditation retreat allowed one to simply just be. I especially appreciate the need for silence. The retreat afforded me a chance to leave everything behind for those three days, and just concentrate on the practice. Travelling on the Path is never easy. […] continue reading

Reflections of the Cooking Competition 2012

I arrived at Bao Lin Chan Monastery – an hour early – feeling slightly nervous and with a distracted mind. When I entered the dining hall my nervousness had increased and the distracting thoughts were too many to count! Contestants were already in full-swing with their preparations, the audience was starting to build and I […] continue reading

Reflections of the Cooking Competition 2012

This cooking event has brought many people together such as the organisers, contestants, judges, all the people who helped out and those who attended the event.  Together everyone has made this event a successful one. I feel that the variety of dishes produced in the event has helped deliver a very strong message that Vegetarian […] continue reading

Reflections of the Cooking Competition 2012

Our little team of three, Lee Ann Green, Raymond Chang & I embarked on a new challenge in Bao Lin’s cooking competition with no previous experience, just faith in each other and good team effort. Bao Lin did an excellent job in setting up & facilitating the event. We were pretty relaxed until we got […] continue reading

Buddhism in the Modern World – A Medical Perspective
English Sutra Study Class / Jacques Joubert

Recently there have been two events that due to the nature of modern communication have been flashed round the world, and, for a medical practitioner such as myself have been proof that there is beyond the seen world, outside the concepts of scientific materialism, a realm that can influence our physical beings as well as our minds. continue reading

A Long Way Finding the Truth
English Sutra Study Class Student/ Educator

My experience with Buddhism is brief, only about 10 years. One of my first encounters was a brave step into a local Chinese temple which turned out be challenging due to the language barrier; continue reading

Joy of Chan
English Sutra Study Class / Maureen Lowentein

I have lived in Glen Iris for 27 years and have been attending the Bao Lin Monastery for 2 ½ years. Attending weekly Dharma talks and meditation has been extremely useful in my life and has made me more tolerant towards others and less reactive to the adverse situations that present themselves in the usual course of living. continue reading

Reflection by Wendy

It was with some trepidation and lots of excitement that I went to Taiwan in August last year. There were a couple of reasons for this. I had vowed to take the 3 refuges and 4 of the five precepts at Chung Tai Chan Monastery and also I had never travelled with a large group of people before. continue reading

Report by Michelle Tang

Amitofo, as always, when Bao Lin organise activities... please bear in mind expect the unexpected challenge. First of all, getting the children to come to the camp was the main thing. Never in my mind did I think that such a camp needed so many days to prepare and organise. continue reading

Reflection by Angelina Chung

For me the three - day retreat was just what I needed to round off a very busy year. It was time out for myself. I find the retreat valuable in helping me to still my mind and to stay focussed. continue reading

Reflection by Michelle Tang

Throughout the retreat, I did my best to control my mind from wandering, and let go of the thoughts that arise. Taming one’s monkey mind is not easy at all. I also used the Seven Round Compassion Contemplation method which was effective in stopping my monkey mind. continue reading

Reflection by Maggie Milne

I thought the retreat was so fun! I had never been to a meditation retreat before so I didn’t really know what to expect and I wondered if I could go for 2 days without talking and just meditate a lot, but it was actually fine. Not talking actually made me feel calmer. continue reading

Reflections by the volunteers

Bao Lin Chan held its annual Children’s Camp on the 26th and 27th of June. In all, around 30 children descended on the monastery for two days of games, talks and Buddhist teaching. continue reading

Reflections by the parents

I ‘m grateful to all the Shifus for holding the Children’s camp. During the camp all the Shifus were very dedicated and worked really hard.I realized to organize a children’s camp needs enormous amount of thought, effort and energy. continue reading

Reflections by the children

I learned how to play different games, learned to say the Respect slogan. Everybody was great to work with. At the end of each game I felt happy and energized. The Sifu taught me lot of things. continue reading

Reflection by Angela Teh

It was my first time participating the Retreat at Chung Tai Chan Monastery. There were more than 900 of us attending this Retreat. It was an unbelievable blessing to do this meditation retreat with so many respected cultivators from all over the world. continue reading