2015 Reflections

The Happy Mates- Building Good Relationships

There is a general perception amongst the modern youth that Buddhism is a religion for the elderly; believing the older population are the only ones who have time on their hands to do a few chores for the temple and the opportunity to mingle with others to pass time. continue reading

06.2015 Reflection on Baolin Chan Monastery Children’s Camp 2015 – Yennie / Beginner’s meditation class

At first, I was worried, concerned not knowing if I can cope with handling so many kids. continue reading

06.2015 Baolin Chan Monastery Children’s Weekend Camp 2015 Reflection – Angelina Chung

For the Children’s Camp, Bao Lin was transformed into a children’s Buddhist wonderland, bursting with colours, lovely posters, balloons and lively music. It showcased the weeks of planning and hard work by all the shifus and the huge input by the many dedicated dharma supporters to bring the camp to a successful fruition. Learning in […] continue reading