2010 Three Day Meditation Relections

Reflection by Angelina Chung

For me the three - day retreat was just what I needed to round off a very busy year. It was time out for myself. I find the retreat valuable in helping me to still my mind and to stay focussed.continue reading

Reflection by Michelle Tang

Throughout the retreat, I did my best to control my mind from wandering, and let go of the thoughts that arise. Taming one’s monkey mind is not easy at all. I also used the Seven Round Compassion Contemplation method which was effective in stopping my monkey mind.continue reading

Reflection by Maggie Milne

I thought the retreat was so fun! I had never been to a meditation retreat before so I didn’t really know what to expect and I wondered if I could go for 2 days without talking and just meditate a lot, but it was actually fine. Not talking actually made me feel calmer.continue reading