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From Bodhi Mind to Ultimate Enlightenment

If we can observe the pure precepts, awaken to the bodhi mind, and are replete with practice and principle, we are in accord with the way of the great bodhisattvas. In the future, we will surely attain perfect enlightenment, truly benefiting ourselves and all others.
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Gradual Cultivation and Sudden Enlightenment

It may seem that gradual cultivation and sudden enlightenment are very different methods, but in fact they are interrelated and even complementary practices.
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Abide in the Mahayana Mind

Abiding in the Mahayana Mind helps the self; skillfully employing expedient means helps others. By using various expedient means we can teach and guide countless sentient beings to abide in the Mahayana Mind.
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Buddhism and Vegetarianism

The great compassionate mind is the Buddha’s Mind. The spirit of Buddhism is compassion and equality. If we wish to attain a mind of compassion and equality, first, we must not kill; second, we must save and protect lives; third, we must practice vegetarianism. If we can accomplish all three, our compassionate mind will manifest.
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