2011 Reflections

Buddhism in the Modern World – A Medical Perspective
English Sutra Study Class / Jacques Joubert

Recently there have been two events that due to the nature of modern communication have been flashed round the world, and, for a medical practitioner such as myself have been proof that there is beyond the seen world, outside the concepts of scientific materialism, a realm that can influence our physical beings as well as our minds. continue reading

A Long Way Finding the Truth
English Sutra Study Class Student/ Educator

My experience with Buddhism is brief, only about 10 years. One of my first encounters was a brave step into a local Chinese temple which turned out be challenging due to the language barrier; continue reading

Joy of Chan
English Sutra Study Class / Maureen Lowentein

I have lived in Glen Iris for 27 years and have been attending the Bao Lin Monastery for 2 ½ years. Attending weekly Dharma talks and meditation has been extremely useful in my life and has made me more tolerant towards others and less reactive to the adverse situations that present themselves in the usual course of living. continue reading