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Meditation Classes
Starting with Zen 1 Beginners class, you can progress through to Zen 2, Zen 3 and Sutra Study. You will learn to master various meditation methods such as Breath Counting, Compassionate Contemplation as well as Middle Way Reality Contemplation. Classes are designed to cover Buddhists fundamentals such as Causality and The Four Noble Truths to advanced Buddhist teachings (Six Paramitas, Karma, Emptiness and Middle Way) and Buddhist Sutras including Heart Sutra, Sutra of Impermanence and Sutra of 42 Chapters among many others.

The prerequisite for Zen II Class and above is the completion of the previous level class.

Meditation Classes for Children / Teens
Set up your kids for success by starting your kids on the right path of thinking and acting correctly. Classes for Children and Teens are designed according to their age group. Classes consist of meditation techniques and mind developing activities such as building better relationships and making right decisions.

Weekly one incense meditation sessions are offered to those who wish to focus only on meditation. Practitioners who wish to immerse themselves in meditation can participate in half day or three day retreats. This provides you the opportunity to go deep into your meditation. These are held regularly and conducted in both English and Chinese.