Buddhist Stories

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A Poor Woman's Light Offering
During the Buddha's time, in the city of Sravasti, there lived a poor woman named Nantuo. The only possessions she had were the clothes on her back, and in order to survive, she relied on begging for food or spare change. One day, in the midst of a fiercely cold wind, using her weak, trembling hands, she begged for an entire day, finally receiving one small coin. With this coin, ...
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Requesting A Watermelon
One day, Shakyamuni Buddha went for a walk with two of his disciples, Mahakasyapa and Ananda. As noon was approaching, the group of three started to feel thirsty and decided to rest under a tree alongside the road. The Buddha saw that nearby there was a melon patch, and requested Ananda to go up ahead and beg for a watermelon in order to quench their thirst. When Ananda arrived at ...
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Once upon a time in a mountain, there lived a monkey who had great strength and wisdom, and a heart full of kindness. One day, while this monkey was climbing a tree to pick some fruits, he saw a hunter who was trapped in a deep valley and crying for help. The monkey cried, "I made a vow to be a Buddha to assist all sentient beings, if I do ...
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White Elephant
In a forest long ago there was a white elephant king with six tusks who led a herd of 500 elephants. The white elephant took the Three Refuges and vowed to assist all sentient beings to attain enlightenment. He had two wives, one of the wives was jealous of the other receiving more attention from the elephant king. She made a curse to destroy the elephant king in the future ...
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The Buddha was teaching in a village and told the following story. Once a bamboo forest was on fire, and it spread quickly due to the strong and dry wind. The flames swallowed up everywhere in the mountain jungle and were about to wipe away all lives there. A parrot named "Joyful Head" was disheartened to see all the living beings having no way to escape. So Joyful Head flew ...
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