Welcome to Bao Lin Chan Monastery!
Bao Lin Chan Monastery is the first Chan (Zen) center established in the southern hemisphere by Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan. It is a non-profit Buddhist organization, situated at 94A High Street, Glen Iris, Vic. It opened to the public on 1st November 2008, over 200 guests were in attendance.

Bao Lin Chan Monastery practises and propagates Mahayana Chan Buddhism. It offers free Buddhist meditation classes in English and Chinese to the public and community. It also conducts a range of free classes, such as Chinese calligraphy, Mandarin, Vegetarian cooking, Flower arrangement ,Tai Chi, Dharma Instruments and Chanting as well as Children’s Meditation classes.

Bao Lin Chan Monastery provides a peaceful and tranquil environment and is conducive to the practice of Chan meditation. Newcomers and Buddhists alike feel enriched by what they find here. All visitors are welcomed to the Monastery.
Monastic and lay members are available to assist with information and inquiries of classes and special activities from 9 am to 7:00pm each day.

Please step inside Bao Lin and discover the path to enlightenment.

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Recent Events

2014 Buddha Bathing Ceremony

This year on the 8th April of the lunar calendar is Sakyamuni Buddha’s 3041th birthday.

2014 New Year Report

As a way to welcome the coming of Chinese New Year, Bao Lin Chan Monastery held several activities between the 27th of January and the 16th of February.

2013 Moon Festival Celebration

Bao Lin held Moon Festival Celebration on 9/21/2013.

2013 Young Adult Zen Camp

BaoLin Chan Monastery held its first Young Adult Zen Camp on 28th Jun to 30th Jun.

2013 Emperor Liang Jeweled Repentance Ceremony

Bao Lin Chan Monastery is welcoming in the Chinese New Year Celebration and Emperor Liang Jeweled Repentance Ceremony.