2010 Children’s Camp Reflections

Report by Michelle Tang

Amitofo, as always, when Bao Lin organise activities... please bear in mind expect the unexpected challenge. First of all, getting the children to come to the camp was the main thing. Never in my mind did I think that such a camp needed so many days to prepare and organise.continue reading

Reflections by the volunteers

Bao Lin Chan held its annual Children’s Camp on the 26th and 27th of June. In all, around 30 children descended on the monastery for two days of games, talks and Buddhist teaching.continue reading

Reflections by the parents

I ‘m grateful to all the Shifus for holding the Children’s camp. During the camp all the Shifus were very dedicated and worked really hard.I realized to organize a children’s camp needs enormous amount of thought, effort and energy. continue reading

Reflections by the children

I learned how to play different games, learned to say the Respect slogan. Everybody was great to work with. At the end of each game I felt happy and energized. The Sifu taught me lot of things.continue reading