2016 Children’s Camp

I think the camp was excellent, it was really fun and I learnt a lot from this CAMP. I liked the story of “the Wild Geese King” told by the Abbess. I learned that I will do things not only good for myself but also others… My favourite game was the one where we needed to free the princess. I liked that game because it was fun and my group won!

I liked the food, it was cooked so perfectly. I also liked the story of “The Ugly Princess” because she repented what she had done wrong in her past life. And I think the gratitude pumpkin lantern was creative. I appreciated everyone’s effort.

I liked the story about meditation “The Monk Rescued His Mother by Meditation”. I learned to be kind and filial from this story.

It was interesting today and I learned a lot. I love the food! You guys are the best chefs! I liked the team time and performing the act. I liked the Bao Lin tour and the best part was the “Bao Lin Treasure Hunt.” The storytelling was nice, I learned a lot and made a lot of new friends.

This camp amazed me at how everybody offered their time and effort, how compassionate and hard working! From here, we see it is important to set a right state of mind for the young while they are pure, innocent and ready to excel in life.

From translating materials for activities to song recording, which I previously thought would be dull administrative duties, but unexpectedly I had so much fun and learnt many things about practising Chan in daily life.