Which part of The Diamond Sutra is most corresponding to you?

Sutra Class Seren(Fa Shi)

[ Subhuti, I also recall that for five hundred lifetimes I was a rishi of tolerance. At that time, I was also free from the notions of a self, a person, a sentient being, or a life span. Therefore, Subhuti, bodhisattvas should relinquish all appearances and notions in their resolve to attain unsurpassed complete enlightenment. They should not give rise to any thought attached to form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or dharma. They should give rise to a mind without any attachments. Any attachment of the mind is errant. Therefore the Buddha says that a bodhisattva should practice charity with a mind unattached to a form. ]

Years ago, I used to think, getting on with some friends was rather distressing, felt like being misunderstood and mistreated; worry about what other people think of me. After attending Dharma/Sutra teaching, it made me realised all my vexations were caused by my ego-grasping, It’s self-inflicted problems. I once considered of withdrawing myself from these friends, thought by doing that, I will be free from troubles; in fact, no matter how far I run away, I can’t run away from the problems, it will always remain with me if I don’t learn to get rid of my attachments. Finally, I chose to face my “demon”. The Sutra taught me to be tolerance, what others say about me, or how they look at me is not relevant at all, that’s not my true self, so why bothered? I learned to look at matters in another angle, instead of looking at the weaknesses, I magnified their qualities; they are my teachers, I learned from them in both ways; it helped me to grow and improve in my path of cultivation. With this realization, I found that it’s no problem of getting along with these friends after all.

When studying Sutra, after believing in the Dharma, we need to understand and apply it in our daily lives. Those friends who noticed my changes were delighted; I introduced Diamond Sutra to them, there are two of them has started reading the Sutra.