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Bao Lin Chan Monastery welcomes people of all cultures and faiths who are interested in learning Chan meditation and the ageless wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings. It offers classes, meditation retreats, workshops, and others programs at no charge as a service to the community. We are supported by your generous offerings. Any donations will go toward the essential programs and building operating costs at Buddha Gate and will also help build future Chan centers around the world. Donations to Bao Lin Chan Monastery, a nonprofit religious organization, are tax deductible. Thank you for your support. May you attain infinite light and infinite life. Amitofo.

Donate at the reception desk

You could visit Bao Lin Chan Monastery and make a donation – either into the ‘Donation box’ at the front door or at the reception desk in the foyer. One of our volunteers will be there to guide you.

Donate by mail

Write a check written out to “Bao Lin Chan Monastery” and mail to:

Bao Lin Chan Monastery
94A High Street,
Glen Iris, VIC 3146, Australia